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Advanced Training Solutions for Advanced Government Challenges.

Our immersive and interactive experiences are designed to provide differentiated training and educational products that meet the unique needs of government agencies.

Modality of Delivery

AI Driven Knowledge Base

Let Greer make sense of your unstructured data. Our unique language models are federal compliant and are able to mentor federal employees, 24/7!

Internal System Adoption

Unlock true employee adoption with your internal software systems. Just in time guidance that is personalized to their specific needs.

Experiential Learning

Passive learning only gets 12% knowledge retention. Greer's active learning methodology engages users at critical points in the learning synthesis process so knowledge is put to immediate use.

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Agentic Reasoning AI Tutor - Multi Agent

The Purdue Global AI Learning Assistant was the first Agentic Reasoning AI Tutor to reach the HigherEd Classroom. We delivered this and we have the architectural blueprint to scale it to you

Not your average training solution.

Greer focuses on the experiential aspects of training so you don’t have to. See our capability reel –> to get a flavor of how our virtual solutions interact with learners.

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Training through Gaming

How does one go about teaching Electrical Engineering to High Schoolers?

Why building a game of course of course…

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War Gaming

Interactive scenarios for today’s modern war strategist¬†

Google Invites Greer Founder to Cloud Conference to Speak on AI in HigherED

Greer was honored to speak at Google Cloud Next on how Sam Weber helped bring AI into the Classroom at Purdue University. Schools from various R-1 Institutions were in attendance to glean insights on Sam’s Blueprint.

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Our Process

Whether you’re looking for targeted training modules, interactive simulations, or comprehensive educational programs, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals.


Measure twice and cut once… Do we need to say more?


When you engage with Greer you not only get the best, you get buy into a trusted partnership that will always be there, even when times get tough!

Bridging Analysis to Practice

Most major product launches go south because proper stakeholders aren’t present or they aren’t challenged early enough. The hell with sacred cows… We’ll stretch your single points of failure to their absolute optimized state so you get a scalable solution that will outlive any one resource.


Big words and fancy design documents are cute until they’re not. Some say the last 5% of a product launch are the toughest. To us, execution is the holy grail and all of our employees go through a rigorous certification process to ensure we solidify and secure the end game.

Whether you’re looking for targeted training modules, interactive simulations, or comprehensive educational programs, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of experienced educators and technologists is committed to delivering high-quality learning experiences that are tailored to your specific needs.

Don't just take our word for
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"Greer Partners accelerated our training and engaged our users like no one could. We needed an approach that would stretch our leaders... Not just another powerpoint with voice over. We got more than we paid for and that's a winner all day every day"

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So if you’re looking for a partner who can help you develop high-quality, agile learning experiences that meet your unique needs and goals, look no further than our platform.

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